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culotte ada kokosarculotte parisshopculotteWhy? you may ask. Because culottes, in French – and in Turkish, means panties. I can’t be too sure about French since I’m fairly new to the language (bonjour) but I can speak for Turkish and say that it doesn’t mean anything else other than panties.  Which is weird since these are the longest and least sexiest form of shorts I’ve ever seen. Obviously I’m in love with them! (And of course own one Topshop pair already)

PS: Due to the ongoing protests in Turkey and my wedding, I neglected the blog, I’ve been checking it everyday and seeing your wonderful comments but it was impossible for me to update it – and it’s going to keep on like this for a little while. I hope you understand and I really hope that you keep on following.

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Hello, I am the adventurous , and courageous Courtney R. Smith from Atlanta, GA. I am a aspiring Fashion Designer/Blogger looking to take the fashion world by storm with my cool and fresh designs! I enjoy making new designs that no one has ever seen before.
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